Roofing Tips for Summer

The winter months are coming to an end, and summer is just around the corner. For homeowners, this often means that it is time for roof repair. During the harsh winter months, roofs definitely take a beating. Whether you live in a high rain area or reside in a state that is known for its snowy winters, chances are your roof kept the home well protected during the cold months.  When summer comes along, any damage caused during the winter months can easily multiply in the event of a summer rainstorm or tornado. It’s definitely time to check the roof for damage and reinforce the weak spots.


Schedule a Roof Inspection

The first step in your summer roof maintenance program is to schedule a roof inspection with a reliable roofing contractor. Your roofing inspector will conduct a thorough inspection, checking for leaks, torn shingles, and winter weather damage. They will also check your drains to ensure they are free of excess leaf drainage from the spring, as well as inspect the entire roof for hail damage. Once your roof has been properly inspected, your roofing contractor will schedule any repairs needed in order to get your roof in tip-top shape for summer.


Summer Preventative Measures

Once your roof has been properly repaired, it is still important for you as a homeowner to stay on top of any issues that may arise. Summer means hot weather and thunderstorms, and both of these can lead to a host of roofing issues. When the heat beats down on the shingles, it can cause blistering of certain spots, and this can lead to cracks and potential leaks. It is always a good idea to check out your roof immediately following a heat wave and schedule repair if you find anything out of the ordinary. Keep an eye on your gutters and make sure to regularly remove debris, as this will prevent blockages following a heavy storm. Once you have cleaned your gutters, test them by running a hose, as this will ensure your gutters are working properly and are free of leaks. If you live in an area that is prone to tornadoes, inspect your roof after every storm to ensure the shingles are intact and there are no new cracks or leaks.

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In Conclusion

Severe weather can occur at any time of the year, and for homeowners, maintaining the roof is of the utmost importance. Small cracks can lead to larger cracks, which can quickly turn into a high repair bill. Scheduling a summer roof maintenance check will help to ensure that your roof is in good working order and will be able to withstand the storms and heat of the summer. Roofs can definitely withstand harsh weather, but there are instances when even the strongest roofs can’t compete with Mother Nature. Once your roof has been properly inspected, remember to keep an eye on things and inspect it after each and every storm or heat wave of the summer, as this will extend the life of your roof for many seasons to come.


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